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Therapy helps people by providing a private and confidential space to talk about and explore thoughts and feelings with a fully trained and qualified therapist. The therapist can help the person to make sense of their thoughts and feelings that often they would feel unable to share with friends or family.

We can all encounter problems at various stages of life which can lead to us unable to cope with either emotional, personal, or relationship issues. The therapeutic space offers a comfortable and safe setting to explore one’s problems in order to understand and make sense of what is being experienced.

Therapy also helps the person to become aware of habits and behaviours in past and current relationships so that they can understand and change them (if so desired) in order to build a healthier relationship in the future. Sometimes patterns of how we relate to others is recreated with the therapist and we call this transference. In therapy the transference helps the therapist to understand you and to share this understanding. The depth of awareness gained gives you the freedom and confidence to change.

Having a greater understanding of yourself enables you to make more of your relationships and to have a fuller and more satisfying emotional life.


The therapy I practice (but not limited to) is termed "psychodynamic psychotherapy". It is primarily based on the idea that past experiences have an impact on the individuals experiences and feelings in the present and understanding these is a necessary step towards achieving changes in perception, self-awareness, and relationships.

During a therapy session, particular attention is given over to exploring unconscious patterns that may have evolved since childhood. Memories, dreams, and other evidence of early relationships are used to make sense of current relationships and the issues that are affecting your current life.

The process of change occurs as you become increasingly aware of your unconscious patterns of behaviour, your use of defence mechanisms, instincts, and those inherited and ingrained 'life rules'. In time, this awareness allows you to gain insight into these patterns, to take control, and to make appropriate changes in your life.

Whilst it is not the role of the psychotherapist to give advice, the opportunity is certainly available to discuss the choices and options that you face in an empathic, confidential, safe, and non-judgemental environment.


Depending on your needs, I offer both short term focussed therapy and open ended work which we will discuss at the initial consultation.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and we would arrange to meet once a week (in some cases, twice) at the same time each week.

There is no "quick-fix" in therapy and entering into therapy is a commitment which in open-ended work can involve many months, or possibly years. The commitment and frequency of the session is an important part of being able to work together on a deeper psychological level in order to make a lasting psychological change.

You do not need to be referred by your GP to start your therapy.

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